The Kupath Rabbi Meïr Baal Haness gives financial support to the needy...  

The Kupath Rabbi Meir Baal Hanness provides financial help

The needy

Food purchase, clothing, housing support, health care assistance…

Future married couples

Future brides and grooms who cannot meet their wedding expenses, newlyweds…

Jewish Schools

Schools which cannot provide a decent environment for their students.

Torah students

We help the Kollelim who can no longer financially support their students.

Urgent Call : a family facing major financial difficulties

To our generous donors: the RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS association is raising funds to help a family facing major financial difficulties and to avoid their home from being seized.Indeed, they need 40,000 EUROS.

We urge you to please help them during the great Mitzva of Tsedaka. We warmly thank you and by the merit of RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS, may you be given all the blessings of the TORAH. AMEN.

The team of

We are pleased to inform you of the creation of KUPATH RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS in France, EUROPE and AMERICA.

For those who would not know it yet, the KUPATH RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS provides funds for people and helps them when they must face serious financial difficulties.

First, this is a fund that collects donations from TSEDAKA and then gives them back to the needy.

We had this great project because we wanted to support the needy in France and EUROPE who had no access to the other funds which collect money throughout the world, whereas beneficiaries from France or Europe are ALMOST NON-EXISTENT.

Therefore we wanted to compensate this considerable imbalance.


We have facilitated access to this fund by simplifying contact as much as possible through a unique phone number +33 (0)6 52 89 32 73 which is almost always reachable.  Actually, this number is the private phone number of Mr GERMON TSOURIEL in AIX LES BAINS, the Secretary of the Association.

We have many projects (discreet donations to the needy, interest free credit loans, support to newly married couples and Torah students, etc) which shall be progressively operated as soon as we start receiving funds.

Our operating expenses shall be as low as possible and we undertake to operate this fund in the most transparent way possible regarding our generous donors whose wishes shall be respectfully fulfilled.

Our policy to provide financial help is not grounded on any specificity or status of the person concerned who just must be a member of the community.

We pray HACHEM to please help us for this great MITZVAH.


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Kupath Rabbi Meïr Baal Haness

Rabbi Moché Alloun :  +33 (0)6 22 20 11 48

Secretary : +33 (0)6 52 89 32 73

20, Montée de la Reine Victoria - 73100 - Tresserve (Aix les Bains) FRANCE

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